Test Yourself with Saltwater Fishing in Darwin Waters

Darwin is one of the most underrated areas of the Northern Territory, and is the ideal location for those who want to try their skills at fishing in a saltwater region. While the entire Darwin area can be dominated by wet and dry seasons, with a particularly dominant wet period between November and March, there is fantastic fishing available all year round, offering you a range of excitement and challenges, as well as traditionally good fishing sport. If you want to do more with your holiday this year, then you might relish the opportunity to try saltwater fishing in Darwin waters.

Popular Fish to Target

 The most popular fish to target in the Darwin area is the barramundi. This fish offers a lot of challenge and fantastic fishing to recreational anglers. It is considered to be an iconic fish to choose, and can be caught wild between February and October, although the majority of fishing is done in the short months between February and April. You can get a range of different sizes of barramundi, up to 50 kilograms in weight. It is best caught using live bait, which can entice even the most reluctant of barramundi to strike. For something a little bit more thrilling, you might try Saratoga Saltwater fishing in Darwin waters. They are not edible, but can grow to as big as 7 kilograms, with a beautiful colour and a fierce fight on the line. These are the best fish if you want something challenging but not too heavy on your line.

More Challenging Fish

 You might want to try something a little bit more unusual, with a strong pull. One of the best options for a fighting fish is a Spanish mackerel. Known for their fast speeds and ability to challenge fishers using lighter tackle, they are known to get bait with such speed that it is hard to pull them in without being compelled to let go of the line. If you want to try using your fly rod for saltwater fishing in Darwin, then you might try this fish. If you want the challenge that a long wait will present, then you might try the Blue Bastard. These tend to be very shy fish, often frightened by moving bait. This makes it more likely that you will have to place your fly carefully, and wait. They also have a very strong pull, which can lead you to losing the line if you don’t hang on tightly.

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Choosing the Best Shooting Academy

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